Temporary Drainage wellpoint System (TDWs)
Temporary drainage wells system is one of the recommended options of the High-tech Company of ASI for drainage and lowering the underground water level in excavation area especially in loose and collapsible sandy soils. Technology and construction method of temporary drainage wells system which is known as TDWs, in terms of two patents during 2015_2016 by the research and development unit of this High-tech Company has been registered in Iran and America patent offices. Hereof, implementing of the first national excavation project and implementing of retaining structure located in Bushehr, Iran and conducting extensive research in this field, led to the invention of ways and construction of technical equipment and fix their shortcomings. The overall construction method of TDWs is based on four main steps: (step 1) driving the shuttle system into the soil and installation of casing pipe (step 2) installation of drainage pipe into the casing pipe (step 3) tightening the bottom of the central drainage pipe and removing casing pipe from the soil layer (step 4) implementing a network of pipes collecting water from drainage wells and removed out of the area.
They major advantage of this method over other methods lies in the method and speed of creation of well into the soil without removing and transportation of soil. Furthermore, implementing well with the lowest cost, highest speed, highest quality performance, without the need to gravel materials for drainage, prevent the occurrence of piping at the bottom of the casing pipe and without pollution of workshop and environment.
Temporary drainage wells system can be widely used in the fields of civil engineering, agricultural engineering, irrigation and drainage. Particularly in civil engineering, for construction under the underground water level needs to implement temporary drainage system inside and outside of the excavation area. Therefore, using this method is possible in construction of urban plaque with underground implementing water and wastewater guiding channels, implementing fluid storage tanks, implementing roads and buildings associated with them and many other civil projects.
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