Casing installation without drilling

In most civil projects and in condition of loose and collapsible soil under the underground water level existence for implementing various wells such as; temporary drainage wells, collecting and pumping water wells and soil improvement in different methods of stone column, concrete piles, pin piles and many other applications, casing installation in the soil is unavoidable. Hereof, the casing installation in the soil without removal of soil is one of the proposed options of the high-tech company. During the implementation of this system which is normally done in two stages using a special shuttle, expected advantages achieve compared to other common methods. Among the superiority factors of this technology compared to other technologies can be named as high speed, low cost of casing pipe installation, not using auger for drilling of soil into the casing pipe, not removal and transporting soil of the casing pipe, protecting the environment and preventing contamination of the casing pipe, using ordinary mechanical shovel instead of heavy large and high machines according to limited area of some urban lands and narrow width passage and urban infrastructure constraints. In this technology, depending on diameter and thickness of the casing pipe and subsurface conditions, driving system type 1, 2 and 3 has been provided. Systems of type 1 and 2 can be used for driving the casing pipe with diameters of 1530 cm and system type 3 can be used for driving the casing pipe with diameters of 30-75 cm.

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