Permeation Grouting
Permeation Grouting can be used for filling the cracks and holes in the rock, filling the empty space between the earth and structures located on it and loose soil improvement in order to increase the strength, density and homogeneity and reduce permeability of them. Permeation Grouting as an injection method is used for improving soil structure. This method after digging the soil to the required depth in a triangular or square grid and installation of perforated PE pipes at regular intervals and implementing primary sealing, injecting grout of cement and required additives step by step. Based on the gained experience, in the case of existence of gravel soil and high level of underground water, the performance of this method consider as desired.
_ Ability of implementing in lands with limited city areas
_ Not creating destructive vibrations for neighbor's buildings 
_ Using smaller equipment in contrast with other methods
_Increasing cargo capacity pressure of the foundation 
_ Fast implementing speed
_Soil retrofitting against liquefaction.
_Foundation settlement control
_ Seismic retrofitting of foundation 
 _ Foundation piping control
_ Increasing the compressive bearing capacity of foundation
_The flexibility of this method in case of increasing the number of floors and structural change.
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