Introduction and Capabilities:
Asian Soil Improvement as an active company in geotechnical engineering field, has recommended unique methods and technologies for soil improvement and reinforcement, retaining structures, temporary and permanent drainage systems and other geotechnical areas specially in loose and soft soils with high underground water level. This company established for geotechnical design and manufacturing techniques in different situations and construction cost optimization in soil improvement and excavation. The research and development unit (R & D) of this company with relying on expert knowledge and scientific and technical potential of its members has been able to register more than 10 inventions in patent offices of Iran and America until now and reach from the idea stage to the operation and commercialization. The main purpose of this company, in addition of using previous methods and technologies, developing and performance of new methods of soil improvement and correction in different geotechnical projects based on the existing problems.
This company with the aim of understanding and improving geotechnical problems in fields of improving soil, will participate with all universities, institutes, related companies in different countries.
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