Geotechnical Studies
The purpose of geotechnical site investigation is determining the status of layering and physical and mechanical properties of subsurface soil of interested area due to limitations and with the lowest cost and with the most site information. Therefore in most cases and depending on the type and importance of the project site studies are done in different levels of preliminary investigation, primary investigation, briefing investigation and additional investigation to gain reliable engineering information.
Preliminary investigation: 
This part of the studies contains visiting the site, checking geological maps, aerial photos, geology, hydrology, site complications and seismic zoning maps of the area to gain basic information in order to decide how to continue studies.
Primary investigation: 
This part of the studies contains gaining general site information by doing experiments such as geoelectric and checking the soil profits to determine the overall layered ground and depth of the bedrock and underground water level. They are used in order to determine the feasibility of construction in the site and the first decision making.
Briefing investigation: 
This part of the studies contains gaining physical, chemical and mechanical properties of soil layers by boreholes excavation, hand wells and trenches and doing experiments in order to perform geotechnical design.
Additional investigation: 
This part of the studies consist of complementing investigated through more boreholes excavation, sampling and testing with necessary sensitivity in order to scrutiny physical and mechanical parameters of soil. Currently, this High-tech Company have necessary equipment which are able to perform most conventional and special tests. Testing during excavation is also one of the abilities of this high-tech company. Field experiments like; SPT, CPT, PLT, Lefranc and Lugeon tests and etc. have been done in various projects by this high-tech company.
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